We started with a simple idea.

VHM Solution’s management are extensively involved in all aspects of providing Packaged Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems, Structural FRP Systems and Composite Piping systems for the oil, gas, offshore/onshore processing, defence, mining, infrastructure and utilities market sectors.

Our experience with composite materials commenced in 1991 and is driven by client demand for solutions to costly corrosion issues. In 2017, this also transitioned to HICLEAR’s packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants which are constructed from FRP and do not create excess sludge. This provided the basis for what VHM Solutions is today, the experts in the application of packaged water treatment solutions, biological remediation solutions and composite materials for real and beneficial product applications, that save our clients and often the public in millions of dollars per year by way of reducing capital and operational expenditure.

The management of VHM Solutions Pty Ltd has built a strong reputation for QUALITY, SAFETY and EFFICIENCY of services and products provided. This is reflected by the strength of our client base and the on-going business we experience.


Steven Veletta


Jonathan Ho

Project Manager/Engineer

Joshua Hyde

Managing Director /Owner

Melissa Montiero

Finance & Administration

Robert Taddei

Sales Consultant

Morcos Mikhail

Project Manager/Engineer

Bong Delos Reyes

Systems Administrator

“We take pride in our ability to take well-engineered composite components and add value to meet the ever changing demands of industry.