Pipe Systems

Custom Pipe Fabrication: Hybrid Metal Detector Spools

VHM Solutions have designed and are in the process of fabrication of some very unique and custom “hybrid” pipe spools that will pass through metal detection units for a wood pulp line for our client in New Zealand.

Due to a mixture of media velocity, temperature, abrasion and material barriers – there is no “off the shelf” product available…so we have developed one. We have opted in design for a mixture of ceramic, composite and metallic materials to deliver a fully custom spool that will exceed the client’s requirements for a long term, turnkey solution.

To provide additional value and traceability, in partnership with APTS (Australian Pressure Testing Services) we undertake Microwave Testing throughout the fabrication process to ensure quality, and to also provide traceable data to our client with another layer of non-destructive testing. This process is undertaken throughout fabrication, prior to and post pressure testing.

VHM Solutions & APTS has showcased a workshop on Microwave testing during the final testing phase of this project.

Piping Services We Provide:

  • Supply of fit-for-purpose HDPE Jacketed/GRP/GRE/GRVE pipe materials and fittings from the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • Hydro-static Test Pack Development
  • Microwave Testing and Analysis of Fabricated Pipe Spools
  • Application Research and Development
  • Shop fabrication of custom spools and Hydro-static Testing.