Composite FRP Tanks

Composite Structural Systems

VHM Solutions’s revolutionary composite water storage system has been developed using full structural & containment components as being manufactured with the tried and true pultruded manufacturing process. This enables a fully predicable design that meets the harsh conditions experienced on offshore oil & gas facilities while reducing the weight accumulation. This presents substantial operational cost savings by negating the need for planned maintenance and inspection surveillance that is experienced with lined steel tanks.

Special features of the VHM Solution COMPTECH composite tanks:

  • Light weight
  • Square or rectangular footprint that is space saving on an offshore platform
  • 50 year design life with no planned maintenance
  • Fully conductive for hazardous zones
  • Available with capacity from one to thirty cubic metre
  • Full composite construction with no metals used for structural integrity
  • Structural exoskeleton means maximum capacity available for water storage
  • Designed to perform under fire, earthquake and cyclonic conditions.

Services Offshore our tanks are ideal for:

  • Hazardous Water
  • Potable Water
  • Wash-down Water
  • Tempered Water
  • HVAC Accumulation Water

Services Onshore our tanks are ideal for: 

  • Sludge Containment (mining, sanitation, agricultural and industrial)
  • High Salinity Water
  • Seawater Water
  • Deionized/High Purity Water
  • Hydrocarbon and Chemical Contaminated Water