Structural Pipe Renewal System

Spin-Cast Geopolymer Lining

Use the GeoCastTM Pipe Renewal system to rehabilitate and repair existing Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP), Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), brick pipe, brick manholes, storm water pipe culverts, tunnels and wastewater infrastructure.

As a Sustainable Green Technology the GeoCastTM Pipe Renewal system uses
a patented spin-cast geopolymer lining technology. This high performance, fibre reinforced, corrosion resistant mortar is placed by centrifugally casting or using an air atomising shotcrete nozzle to apply the geopolymer liner.

The GeoCast Process

The high performance geopolymer mortar with densified micro silica powder, flyash, pozzolanic materials and other select admixtures is designed for both new and existing CMP, concrete and brick pipes.

GeoCastTM is a proven trenchless technology. The use of Geocast Geopolymer structural linings will reduce service downtime and will rehabilitate existing structures with
a design life of over 50 years.

geocast advantage

Pre-installation cleaning and inspection is performed to identify pipe material, pipe size, pipe length and defects. High pressure water blast at minimum 4000psi is required for adequate removal of rust, dirt and laitance.

All active water leaks and infiltration is plugged and patched with Custom Plug© hydraulic cement. Chemical grout injection or flowable fill grout pumping may be used for filling large voids around pipe.

Depending on the pipe size and configurations, use either the GeoCastTM Pipe Renewal spin-cast head and sled or a low pressure, air atomising, wet shotcrete nozzle for applying a monolithic, geopolymer liner.