Modular Sludgefree Water Treatment Systems

What makes HiClear different?


HICLEAR systems produce zero excess sludge. They save the end-user the purchase of maintenance-prone and power draining sludge dewatering equipment such as filter presses. Additionally, no extra space is required for sludge drying beds, or monthly sludge disposal costs – ever!


HICLEAR units do not require coagulants (PAC, NaOCl) or chemical cleaning reagents to operate. This also means no chemical dosing pumps, chemical dosing tanks or maintenance-prone mixers. Forget scaling and clogging problems forever.


HICLEAR’s Plug&Play® type operation allows for same day plant startup without any foaming issues usually faced by Membrane BioReactor (MBR) systems. Maintenance is a breeze with no on-site operator required once the plant is commissioned by our site engineering team.

HICLEAR DC-Series 700m3/day installation

Trusted all around

Food Processing

Nestle & Cadbury use HICLEAR treatment units and enzymes for their production plants with unscheduled high BOD5 loading.


Belle Vue Hospital, backed by Birla Group in eastern India uses HICLEAR to treat their hospital wastewater.


Mobile treatment units that operate without electricity for United Nations Peace Keeping Forces bases in Africa

Heavy Industry

Rolls Royce, Kamaz Vectra Trucks, AlphaTec & MicroChip trust HICLEAR for their factory’s domestic wastewater.

Hotels & Resorts

Low noise and reliability of our systems made Marriot and Hilton choose us.

Product Features

Treatment Capacity

Individual units can be customized to treat wastewater from as low as 3 cubic metres per day to up to 80 cubic metres per day. Individual units can be cascaded up to 700 cubic metres per day. Standard dimension HICLEAR units are available in lengths of 3m, 4m, 6m, 9m or 12m each.Our technical support team can assist in sizing the plant if required.

Treatment Types

HICLEAR Wastewater Treatment Units are available in two treatment modes, aerobic and anaerobic treatment units. For installation in cities and urban settings, aerobic treatment units are recommended. While for installations in remote areas without access to electricity, our zero power systems running on anaerobic treatment mode are recommended.

Layout Options

Installing HICLEAR Wastewater Treatment Units can be done by appointing an approved contractor to carry out installation at site. To understand how a our treatment units would fit into your existing wastewater treatment system, study the flow diagram and suggested layout drawings for our standard dimension systems ranging from 4 to 12 metres in length.

Treated water Characteristics

In most cases our HICLEAR treatment plants can achieve up to the following effluent treatment parameters: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5): Up to 10mg/L Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): up to 50 mg/L Suspended Solids content: Up to 10mg/L pH range: 6.5 to 8.5 Turbidity: Up to 2 NTU E.Coli: Up to 1 cfu/100mL Chlorine: Up to 0.5 mg/L

Installation Types

HICLEAR Wastewater Treatment Units can be installed in compact conditions with minimum space requirements with semi-buried, underground and aboveground modes available.

Product Gallery

HICLEAR DC-12m treatment unit being crane-lifted at site

Above-ground installations

700m3/day HICLEAR DC-Series installed at Sobha Hillview, Bengaluru, India

HICLEAR DC-12m Modular Units at luxury condominium installation in Bengaluru, India
Blower room, control panel & electrical works on site
Aerial view of the 500 cubic metres/day installation

Under-ground installations

280m3/day HICLEAR JRY-Series installed at Aspen Whitshunday Shores, Queensland, Australia

HICLEAR DC-12m units are positioned for Plug&Play®
Subsequent sand backfill is done onsite
Installation completed with manhole access for operator checks

Product Quality & Compliance

Environmental Compliance

HICLEAR systems are installed worldwide, including Australia, where the Department of Health has the toughest regulations for effluent discharge standard in the world. All systems are able to treat domestic wastewater beyond international standards outlined by World Health Organization & US Environmental Protection Agency effluent guidelines

Quality Management System

HICLEAR is a quality product by Khatibeng, an ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering company operating from Singapore. From production to service delivery, Khatibeng has strict quality control measures in place. Providing clients with personalized and unmatched after sales service, Khatibeng prides itself in being a reliable name in the wastewater treatment industry in Africa, Asia Pacific and Oceania.

What clients say about VHM Solutions and HiClear

“VHM Solutions were able to identify the contributing factors, offer a solution and incorporate HICLEAR technology to our systems which provided a cost effective, remediation solution that solved our issues by digesting the fats, oils and grease upstream prior to entering the STP. VHM Solutions worked in a safe manner onsite wihout impacting our operations or affecting our guests. The solution provided has allowed Caves House to continue to uphold its reputation as an Icon of Yallingup offering our clients and guests the best experience.”- Caves House Hotel-Yallingup, Western Australia

“Plants are performing well. They are compact and in ready to install condition, and require very less effort for installation. Their operation and maintenance is very simple.” – Bahwan Engineering Company LLC

“Systems are performing exceptionally well, they have no odour, no noise, and no mosquitoes. Water quality continually exceeds the specified target parameters set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”- Waste Solutions Australia

More Scope of Services We Provide for Water Division:

  • HICLEAR Waste Water Treatment Packages – Fixed Plant “Plug & Play” & Containerised “Drop & Play”
  • HICLEAR Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment Packages
  • Access Chamber/Manhole/Culvert – Full Design and Construct
  • VHM Access Chambers Remediation – Geocast Geopolymer Manhole & Culvert Remediation – Hychem Epoxy Structural Liners & Coatings – FRP Concrete Reinforcements
  • FRP Lift/Pump Station Design & Construction
  • Aerator and Bar Screen Supply
  • Sludgefree Vehicle Washbay Design and Construct
  • Fat/Oil/Grease Digestion Systems
  • Mineral/Long Chain Hydrocarbon Digestion Systems
  • CCTV, FRP Relining, Jetting and NDD
  • Pressure Sewer System Design, Supply & Installation